Weight loss stall

Push Through A Weight-Loss Stall

The scale is stuck.  It’s not going down.  Maybe it’s even gone back up a little.  You’ve been diligent with your keto diet – so what gives? There are numerous reasons for weight loss
Healthy Fats

Opt For High-Quality Fats

Here’s the skinny on fat.  Before learning about the ketogenic diet you probably thought the term “healthy fat” was an oxymoron.  But now you know that fat isn’t what makes you fat.
Sweetener Truths

Beware Of Fillers In Sweeteners

Enjoying a keto diet doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to all sweets – although, do you really even need sweeteners? Cutting carbs and fueling yourself with quality fats
Keto Berries

Have Berries Instead Of Fruit

Have you been told that fruit is a no-no on a ketogenic diet?  It’s not!  But it’s not necessarily fair-game either. Fruit is like Mother Nature’s candy. She even wraps it up in