Who is Stu Weinstock?

How Is What I Offer Different From Other Keto Coaching Programs?

I have developed a program built on personalizing around my clients what will work best for them that will fit into their lifestyle, health and personal individual needs. This is well beyond purchasing a “customized meal plan”, or setting your “custom macros” with an online calculator.

Keto Without the Scary!

There are several reasons why other diets don’t work.  Most diets by their very nature, set us up for failure! And it can be downright scary starting Keto when you have not done well with previous programs. I get it. With Keto that can all change. Keto will increase your metabolism, increases your body’s ability to burn fat rapidly and will satiate your appetite while taking away those pesky cravings.

The internet is filled with people portraying Keto as being difficult to do. These are the same people trying to sell you substances and devices that are not needed to be successful. Keto is easy to do if you focus on the basics that will make you a success. I will help guide you to be successful with Keto and proud of your accomplishments.

With my customized (not one-size-fits-all) Keto action plan you will release weight readily, trim inches and achieve your weight loss goals. You will look better, feel better, gain confidence and will love the experience of buying new clothes.

Place your previous yo-yo dieting experiences in the rear- view mirror. It’s time to embrace something new! Allow yourself a fresh start. We will work as a team and provide you a rewarding experience created just for you to meet with success!  Keto will be your last diet that you will ever need.

Have you attempted Keto and you're frustrated and ready to throw in the towel? Or, maybe you're just not really sure where to begin because it appears so overwhelming?  Or perhaps you've been living the lifestyle had success and hit the dreaded "stall".

Are you ready to begin your Keto journey?

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