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Are you prepared to take the diet out of Keto and embrace it as your lifestyle? You’ll discover when YOU do Keto YOUR way, you will achieve your goals faster, easier and with lasting changes you can be proud of. 

Confused, scared and overwhelmed by the information online about Keto? Or, you’ve had acceptable results and then Keto stopped working for you?  I can make it simple, effective and jumpstart your progress. Complimentary online zoom consultation. Keto requires customization (my secret formula) based on your lifestyle, hormones, age, alcohol, activity level, food preferences, health status and more. This is essential for your success in Keto. No nonsense, no sales pitches, just plain prescription strength Keto for your optimal success. I place before you the guidance that will bring to you the highest probability for your success.

My Keto Journey

I am a Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach and Licensed School Psychologist from Miami, Florida. I have helped families and their children in school and clinical settings for over 35 years.

I am the administrator to the Keto Recipes Group for Beginners on Facebook which has over 75,000 members. I am here to help you develop self-confidence, adopt healthier habits and create big wins in your Keto Fat Burning Journey.

My experience with Keto started 8 years ago when my pre-diabetes, ulcerative colitis, plantar fasciitis, acid reflux and excessive weight were spiraling out of control. 

I found Keto because I was desperate to recover my life and I haven’t looked back! In fact, the gastroenterologist that treated me for ulcerative colitis referred me to a dietician in his medical group that educated me as to the advantages of Keto in helping me lose weight and stop the inflammatory process that was disrupting my life.

Doing Keto I had lost 35 pounds and reversed my pre-diabetes and health-related problems including the ulcerative colitis. My energy and vigor had returned. My brain functioned faster, better and with added focus with Keto. I had better self-confidence. Most importantly my life was enjoyable again. 

I’ve put my passion and focus for Keto into coaching full-time. I’m focused to serving, inspiring and motivating others to lose unwanted weight, trim inches and achieve their weight loss goals.

Are You Prepared to Embrace Keto?

If you are ready to pivot and discover a lifestyle that meets your standards and works effectively, then look no further. Keto will be your last diet you will ever have to go to.

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